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Product name: 4-O-beta-Glucopyranosyl-cis-coumaric acid
CAS NO.: 117405-48-8  Formula: C15H18O8
Product name: 4-Methylumbelliferone
CAS NO.: 90-33-5  Formula: C10H8O3
Product name: 4-Methyl-6,7-dihydroxycoumarin
CAS NO.: 529-84-0  Formula: C10H8O4
Product name: 4-Hydroxycoumarin
CAS NO.: 1076-38-6  Formula: C9H6O3
Product name: 4'-O-Methylcoumestrol
CAS NO.: 1690-62-6  Formula: C16H10O5
Product name: 5,6,7,8-Tetramethoxycoumarin
CAS NO.: 56317-15-8  Formula: C13H14O6
Product name: 5,7,8-Trimethoxycoumarin
CAS NO.: 60796-65-8  Formula: C12H12O5
Product name: 5'-Demethylaquillochin
CAS NO.: 305364-91-4  Formula: C20H18O9
Product name: 5-Methoxy-2',3'-dehydromarmesin
CAS NO.: 54087-32-0  Formula: C15H14O5
Product name: 5,7-Dihydroxy-4-methylcoumarin
CAS NO.: 2107-76-8  Formula: C10H8O4
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