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Product name: 1-Octacosanol
CAS NO.: 557-61-9  Formula: C28H58O
Product name: 1-Monomyristin
CAS NO.: 589-68-4  Formula: C17H34O4
Product name: 1-dotriacontanol
CAS NO.: 6624-79-9  Formula: C32H66O
Product name: 1,18-Octadecanediol
CAS NO.: 3155-43-9  Formula: C18H38O2
Product name: 1,2-O-Dilinoleoyl-3-O-beta-D-galactopyranosylracglycerol
CAS NO.: 111187-15-6  Formula: C45H78O10
Product name: 1-Acetoxy-9,17-octadecadiene-12,14-diyne-11,16-diol
CAS NO.: 213905-35-2  Formula: C20H28O4
Product name: 15,16-Dihydroxyoctadeca-9Z,12Z-dienoic acid
CAS NO.: 140129-22-2  Formula: C18H32O4
Product name: 15-Nonacosanol
CAS NO.: 2764-81-0  Formula: C29H60O
Product name: 2-Hydroxytetracosanoic acid ethyl ester
CAS NO.: 124111-47-3  Formula: C26H52O3
Product name: 4-Oxododecanedioic acid
CAS NO.: 30828-09-2  Formula: C12H20O5
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