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Product name: Heterophyllin B
CAS NO.: 145459-19-4  Formula: C40H58N8O8
Product name: Segetalin A
CAS NO.: 161875-97-4  Formula: C31H43N7O6
Product name: Segetalin B
CAS NO.: 164991-89-3  Formula: C24H32N6O5
Product name: Abarelix Acetate
CAS NO.: 183552-38-7  Formula: C72H95ClN14O14
Product name: Alarelin Acetate
CAS NO.: 79561-22-1  Formula: C58H82N16O14
Product name: Argipressin Acetate
CAS NO.: 113-79-1  Formula: C46H65N15O12S2
Product name: Atosiban Acetate
CAS NO.: 90779-69-4  Formula: C43H67N11O12S2
Product name: Aviptadil Acetate
CAS NO.: 40077-57-4  Formula: C147H238N44O42S1
Product name: Bivalirudin Trifluoroacetate
CAS NO.: 128270-60-0  Formula: C98H138N24O33
Product name: Bremelanotide; PT141
CAS NO.: 189691-06-3  Formula: C50H68N14O10
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