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Product name: Paeoniflorin
CAS NO.: 23180-57-6  Formula: C23H28O11
Product name: Albiflorin
CAS NO.: 39011-90-0  Formula: C23H28O11
Product name: Cantharidin
CAS NO.: 56-25-7  Formula: C10H12O4
Product name: Norcantharidin
CAS NO.: 29745-04-8  Formula: C8H8O4
Product name: Rosiridin
CAS NO.: 100462-37-1  Formula: C16H28O7
Product name: Geraniol
CAS NO.: 106-24-1  Formula: C10H18O
Product name: Benzoylpaeoniflorin
CAS NO.: 38642-49-8  Formula: C30H32O12
Product name: Oxypaeoniflorin
CAS NO.: 39011-91-1  Formula: C23H28O12
Product name: Eucalyptol
CAS NO.: 470-82-6  Formula: C10H18O
Product name: Carvacrol
CAS NO.: 499-75-2  Formula: C10H14O
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