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Product name: 10-O-Caffeoyl-6-epiferetoside
CAS NO.: 83348-22-5  Formula: C26H30O14
Product name: 1,6,8-Trideoxyshanzhigenin
CAS NO.: 99173-00-9  Formula: C10H14O3
Product name: 10-O-Vanilloylaucubin
CAS NO.: 193969-08-3  Formula: C23H28O12
Product name: 13-O-p-Coumaroylplumieride
CAS NO.: 80416-52-0  Formula: C30H32O14
Product name: 15-Demethylplumieride
CAS NO.: 132586-69-7  Formula: C20H24O12
Product name: 1-O-Methyljatamanin D
CAS NO.: 54656-47-2  Formula: C11H16O4
Product name: 1''-O-β-D-glucosylformoside
CAS NO.: 148245-77-6  Formula: C31H42O17
Product name: 4-Epialyxialactone
CAS NO.: 132339-37-8  Formula: C10H16O4
Product name: 4'-O-trans-p-Coumaroylmussaenoside
CAS NO.: 1246012-27-0  Formula: C26H32O12
Product name: 4''-Hydroxyisojasminin
CAS NO.: 135378-09-5  Formula: C26H38O13
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