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Product name: 1-Deoxynojirimycin
CAS NO.: 19130-96-2  Formula: C6H13NO4
Product name: 4-Hydroxyisoleucine
CAS NO.: 781658-23-9  Formula: C6H13NO3
Product name: 6-Gingerol
CAS NO.: 23513-14-6  Formula: C17H26O4
Product name: Alpha-Mangostin
CAS NO.: 6147-11-1  Formula: C24H26O6
Product name: Amentoflavone
CAS NO.: 1617-53-4  Formula: C30H18O10
Product name: Arctigenin
CAS NO.: 7770-78-7  Formula: C21H24O6
Product name: Arctiin
CAS NO.: 20362-31-6  Formula: C27H34O11
Product name: Aucubin
CAS NO.: 479-98-1  Formula: C15H22O9
Product name: Astragaloside IV
CAS NO.: 84687-43-4  Formula: C41H68O14
Product name: Betulin
CAS NO.: 473-98-3  Formula: C30H50O2
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