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Product name: (+)-Pinoresinol
CAS NO.: 487-36-5  Formula: C20H22O6
Product name: 1,3,5-Tricaffeoylquinic acid
CAS NO.: 1073897-80-9  Formula: C34H30O15
Product name: 10-Shogaol
CAS NO.: 36752-54-2  Formula: C21H32O3
Product name: 13-alpha-(21)-Epoxyeurycomanone
CAS NO.: 138809-10-6  Formula: C20H24O10
Product name: 14,15beta-Dihydroxyklaineanone
CAS NO.: 137359-82-1  Formula: C20H28O8
Product name: 14-Deoxyandrographolide
CAS NO.: 4176-97-0  Formula: C20H30O4
Product name: 25S-Inokosterone
CAS NO.: 19595-18-7  Formula: C27H44O7
Product name: 25R-Inokosterone
CAS NO.: 19682-38-3  Formula: C27H44O7
Product name: 20(S),24(R)-Ocotillol
CAS NO.: 69926-31-4  Formula: C30H52O5
Product name: 27-Deoxyactein
CAS NO.: 264624-38-6  Formula: C37H56O10
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