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Product name: Daidzin
CAS NO.: 552-66-9  Formula: C21H20O9
Product name: Daidzein
CAS NO.: 486-66-8  Formula: C15H10O4
Product name: Glycitin
CAS NO.: 40246-10-4  Formula: C22H22O10
Product name: Genistin
CAS NO.: 529-59-9  Formula: C21H20O10
Product name: Glycitein
CAS NO.: 40957-83-3  Formula: C16H12O5
Product name: Genistein
CAS NO.: 446-72-0  Formula: C15H10O5
Product name: Soyasaponin Bb
CAS NO.: 51330-27-9  Formula: C48H78O18
Product name: Soyasaponin Ba
CAS NO.: 114590-20-4  Formula: C48H78O19
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