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Development of Sustainable Anti-aging Products Using Aquaponics Technology

Journal name:Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea
Literature No.:
Literature Url: http://www.papersearch.net/thesis/article.asp?key=3702507
Date publication:December 2019
To develop sustainable new natural anti-aging ingredients from Korean native plants, we investigated the cultivation potential of Nymphoides indica using the eco-friendly aquaponics system, and tested the anti-aging effects from N. indica extracts. N. indica could be grown in aquaponics system using floating leaved deep water culture method, and propagated through rhizome propagation. It was confirmed that the nitrate (80 μg/mL), potassium (63.5 μg/mL) and water temperature (25 ℃) greatly affected the cultivation of the N. indica. In addition, synergistic effects were found when two major components (3,7-di-O-methylquercetin-4’-O-β-glucoside & sweroside) were present at more than about 5 μg/mL. The extract had a significant effect on the recovery of skin cells damaged by environmental pollutant such as benzo[α]pyrene, ammonium nitrate, formaldehyde. It also suppressed PGE2, TNF-α and COX-2, and inhibited the production of MMP-1. Taken together, the results suggested that the standardized extracts of N. indica cultivated in the aquaponics has considerable potential as a new cosmetics ingredient with an anti-aging effect.

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