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Oligoses(Oligosaccharides) are widely used as chromatographic standards for HPLC/HPAEC-PAD analysis or as defined substrates in enzyme characterisation studies. Borohydride reduced oligosaccharides are also available in certain classes for the specific purpose of successfully performing reducing sugar assays in which the native oligosaccharides, themselves being reducing sugars, can produce a high blank absorbance value thereby decreasing the sensitivity of the assay.
Product name: 1-Kestose
CAS NO.: 470-69-9  Formula: C18H32O16
Product name: 1F-Fructofuranosylnystose
CAS NO.: 59432-60-9  Formula: C30H52O26
Product name: 1,1,1,1-Kestohexose
CAS NO.: 62512-19-0  Formula: C36H62O31
Product name: 2'-Fucosyllactose
CAS NO.: 41263-94-9  Formula: C18H32O15
Product name: 3-Fucosyllactose
CAS NO.: 41312-47-4  Formula: C18H32O15
Product name: 3'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt
CAS NO.: 128596-80-5  Formula: C23H38NNaO19
Product name: 6'-Sialyllactose Sodium Salt
CAS NO.: 157574-76-0  Formula: C23H38NNaO19
Product name: Acetyl Perisesaccharide C
CAS NO.: 110764-09-5  Formula: C37H60O20
Product name: Ajugose
CAS NO.: 512-72-1  Formula: C36H62O31
Product name: Chitobiose Dihydrochloride
CAS NO.: 115350-24-8  Formula: C12H26Cl2N2O9
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